Most of these are from Bathroom Graffiti Project.

I am hesitant to call defacing someone else’s property a “win,” but if you are going to do it at least use some creativity. Or laughably bad spelling.

Comments in italics are mine.

That’ll show ’em!

So that’s the real reason they went extinct.

I hate it when she screams out somebody else’s name. Is this Sean guy bigger than me? Of course he is, I’m a shrimp. *sigh*

So remember: If you invite challenge, skip the defeat option.

Gud for you!

The porcelain delta is shining like a National guitar

Found in the Death Star’s men’s room.

Duh! I wrote on the bathroom wall didn’t I?

This graffito led to it’s author getting a book deal at Random House and was nominated for Graffy of the Year in 1998.

And finally, a voice of opposition:


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