Well I was going to punish all of you for not playing along with my previous graph by withholding more GOTWs until I get some guesses on the Movie Icons, but I decided to be lenient…for now. But I am very disappointed in you. I still love you, nothing can change that, but I’m disappointed *sigh*.

So by now you’ve probably heard about the KFC Double Down. In case you haven’t, it’s essentially a bacon and cheese sandwich that dispenses with the bread and substitutes two fried or grilled chicken breasts. Watta country! So this thing has got to be the unhealthiest fast-food sandwich out there, right?

Well Nate Silver, the statistical genius behind the website FiveThirtyEight, has turned from baseball and politics to focus his statistical kung fu on this very weighty issue. Using the fat, sodium, and cholesterol content of the Double Down as a measuring unit, these are his results:

Interesting that a couple of your higher end fast food joints have sandwiches that score more than 1 DD. The grilled version of the Double Down is worse than the fried, mainly because of the monstrous amount of sodium. But you’ve got to give it up for Wendy’s and Hardee’s for more than doubling down on the Double Down. I’d give them a high five, but the strain would probably give me a heart attack.

So, what do I eat that’s up there? If I go to McD’s I get the Quarter Pounder. They only have the Double Quarter Pounder on the chart at 1.19 DD, so it would be fair to assume that the regular Quarter pounder would be half that. Right?

Also when I’m back on the West Coast I get the In-N-Out (Nate spelled it wrong, what do you expect from an eastsider?) Double Double, but I have them hold the onion so I’m sure that puts it below 1 DD.

Anywho…here’s the complete article if you’re interested. Bon apetit!


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