This fine product is from DeluxeComfort.com or, if you’re so inclined, there is also a Boyfriend Body Pillow available:

Both products claim to “imitate the contour of your loved one,” but seeing the model in the above picture, it seems to me like there’s something missing. I can’t quite put my finger in it on it…


10 thoughts on “Is it too early to start a Christmas Wish list?

  1. I need to cuddle tonight…
    Please, don’t be appalled.
    But half a wash and hang-to-dry man’s
    Better than none at all.

    Is the 1/2 shirt sold separately?

  2. I need to cuddle tonight.
    Please, don’t be appalled,
    ‘Cause half a wash and hang-to-dry man
    Is better than none at all.

    (Is the half a PJ top sold separately)?

    • If I had half a brain I’d be with you tonight
      If I had half a heart we still could make it right
      Well I might be half a man
      With only half my story told
      Can half a man still make you whole?

      Thanks Anonymous, don’t be a stranger ?

  3. It’s me!! BEG!! …and I’m TOTALLY not a stranger! (btw…your lyrics BLEW MINE right out of the water …BIG surprise)!!!

    • No, not a stranger but you must have done something different and the WordPress machine didn’t recognize you.
      I think we could make beautiful music together 😉

  4. HUM… first it didn’t post…. then it posted twice as Anonyous …. Have I been kicked out of the club? 😦

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