Um…is this a test?


6 thoughts on “Fail of the Week – Security Fail

    • Wouldn’t that be great? Ladies could just automatically avoid guys with shirts that say “Douchebag,” guys could avoid girls wearing shirts that say “I Will Play You Like A Violin.”

      I wonder what my shirt would say…

  1. LMFAO – Unless of course, the “rotund” lady behind the desk only weights 120lbs and in actual fact, only appears fat cos she has a whole load of Semtex strapped to her body. And is about to complete her mission – as an Al-Qaeda operative – to blow the whole place into smithereens…

    What is Madea says? – “Know your opponent!”

    • Cheyelle, I love how your mind – er – programming works. I always thought that terrorist organizations should recruit sweet old ladies whom no one would ever suspect.

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