As some parts of the US and Canada are digging themselves out from record snowfalls, I present this offering from the People of WalMart website to remind us that warmer days are coming when WalMart customers will feel free to prance around in barely more than their undies (if in fact they’re wearing any).

Please to enjoy, my comments are in italics.

Just Hanging Out

Breeze? What breeze? I don’t feel a breeze! (Louisiana)

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the future Mrs. Boy.

All Smiles

You know you don’t have to dress as the logo to shop there, right? (Texas)

What about to work there?…..Great, NOW you tell me.

Not Quite

Well, lets all be thankful that at least half is covered. (Florida)

We can almost see her panhandle.

Mobility and Style

How did this guy find my Osh Kosh B’gosh overalls from when I was 4? (Tennessee)

This is precisely why WalMart has eye wash stations.

Lots of Tail

It’s not her fault; that guy’s fabulous rat tail makes all the girls pull their skirts up. (California)

♫ I wish they all could be California girls ♫ Y’know, on second thought…


2 thoughts on “People of WalMart – I See England I See France Edition

  1. you mean you never picked up your requisition Walmart undees?? You are not fully authorized to wear “the smile” unless you wear it under there!
    – do I hear the chorus…?
    “Under there?
    You are not wearing the smile,
    till you wear it under there!”

    I think I just composed the new Walmart cheer!! 🙂

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