An actor and huge Lost fan named John Cabrera made this crazy cool map and put it on his blog. Tania and I watched the first couple of seasons of Lost, but I literally got lost and haven’t watched it lately so I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

The map is still way cool though. Here’s Cabrera’s introduction to the Dharma Rapid Transit system:

Okay, so hypothetically speaking… let’s say you were, oh I don’t know, hanging out in Ana Lucia’s Tiger Pit… and you suddenly remember you need to get to the Hydra for a breakfast meeting with Ben. Here’s the route I’d take:

I’d first, of course, hop on the Purple Line A Train westbound to the Tailies crash site, switch to the M Train southbound to The Staff. Then I’d switch to the Blue Line P Train northbound loop to the Drug Plane, where I’d switch to the Green Line south… any of those trains will get you there… except maybe the R… I think it only runs on weekends.

Okay, that might be throwing a lot at you. Especially on an island that’s already plenty confusing. So perhaps you’d be interested in this little map I put together.

Click on the map to go to the original.


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