So this is a post to explain why I haven’t been writing much lately, especially since I know that hordes of my fervent readers are on pins and needles waiting to find out what my top 3 bad/good Christmas songs are.

I thought of the term “guilt block” and thought I was being incredibly clever by coming up with a brand new term that no one in the history of the English language had ever thought of…until, as usual, a quick Google search burst my bubble. Oh well, I guess I won’t be trademarking the term, writing a self-help book, and becoming rich.

I’m still feeling good about “avatribute” though…

Anyway, I work 32-40 hours a week (depending on how generous the DOJ feel like being) at WalMart and so in my free time I have a tug of war going on between things I should be doing. There are many pressing issues that I have to deal with before I can think of going back to California: Bankruptcy, working on a budget, etc. So lately when I spend time on le blog I feel guilty.

I’ve kept up with the regular features like Fail of the Week and Graph of the Week because they don’t take much time or creativity, and when something is burning a hole in my brain (like the last post about the silly girl at work who I won’t mention because then I would have to tag her again and frankly I’ve wasted too much time and Internets space on her as it is) then I will write it in order to stop the burning. But other than that, I have a guilt block.

I know the answer to this problem:

  • Get organized.
  • Separate the work into bite size pieces so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Do a little every day.
  • Then you can go skippingly onto wordpress.com and bloggedy blog to your heart’s content.

All true, good advice. Easier said than done, but I am working on it.

Plus I am aware that the blog does serve a useful function, through it I am honing my writing skills and will soon be reviewing a book sent to me by a publisher as part of a “blog tour.” I’m not getting paid $ for it, but I am getting two free books (one to be given away right here, so stay tuned) so I’m considering it to be my first professional writing gig.

All of this is to say to my fervent readers, be patient with me if you don’t see as much original content as you would like. I’m working on balance, and I’ll get there. Sooner than later, I hope.

By the way, to get the full ‘A Misplaced Boy’ experience you should follow me on Twitter and Facebook. There are silly little things that I do in both of those places that may not make it onto this blog.

Thanks for reading and being patient with me,



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