I know that I am rich
because I have the luxury of turning off the news
and forgetting about [fill in the blank] this time it’s Haiti.

I know that I am rich
because I have the luxury of worrying about my love life
instead of where my next meal is coming from.

I know that I am rich
because I have the luxury of being depressed
when I have no idea what real pain is like.

I know that I am rich
because I have the luxury of wondering when I will be well enough to go home
instead of having to search through the rubble of what used to be my home.

I know that I am rich
because I have the luxury of wondering when I will see my daughter again
instead of having to search through the rubble of what used to be my home
for her lifeless body.

I know that I am rich
and because I am rich
I will help.

Will you?


United Nations Foundation

American Red Cross

Network for Good

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières


Haitian Health Foundation

World Vision

Oxfam America


Clinton Foundation

Partners in Health

UN World Food Programme

Mercy Corps


13 thoughts on “Haiti 2010

  1. Maybe the way we should judge our wealth is how much we can help the poor and hurting. Maybe the way we should judge our health is to cry for those who suffer hurts we can never imagine. Maybe the way we find ourselves is looking for the people who are really lost.

  2. You have inspired me to not necessarily think more, but allow myself to feel more. I think that’s how you “find” yourself. That’s how I’m becoming more of me…and that’s why I’m your VBF.

    • You are a great feeler and thinker, and I hope someday soon you will start your own blog so I can be YOUR VBF.

      xoxo always, Joe

  3. Dear Joe,

    While the thought of starting a blog of my own is flattering at best and terrifying at worst, I am faced with several deterrents. Foremost, I find a BIG BLANK PAGE extremely intimidating, like 10 yards of silk shantung awaiting the scissors or a blank canvas perched on an easel, the inceptive brushstroke determining inspired genius or utter failure. (The first will land it in the back of the closet, the second in the trash bin).

    At least for the present, I am content with my role as a commentator to your journey, which is inspiring me to continue mine.

    On a side note, I am BY FAR one of the world’s worst typists. It is the only class I ever “failed” in J.H. (I was allowed to drop it after 6 weeks, so it wouldn’t screw with my GPA). As a cop would ask you to step away from the vehicle, I am constantly reminding myself to look away from the keyboard. I find I cannot. I have learned to accept this fact in lieu of the knowledge there are so many things that I do much better. Of course, my typing skills set the bar pretty low. 🙂

    So for now, you write the inspiring words and I will counter with mine.
    Humphrey Bogart (Rick): “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


    • My dearest Brown-eyed girl,
      As always your friendship and fanship mean the world to me, and I will let you make the decision you think is best.
      I only ask you to re-read that beautiful first paragraph and understand that you have a gift. How best to use that gift is a decision only you can make.

  4. Excuxe me for cutting in on this love-fest, but I must agree with Joe on his opinion of your writing skills, Brown-eyed Girl. That first paragraph FLOWED!
    If you are not writing at all, I would suggest journaling as a start since this is only for your eyes, so the pressure is off.
    I have found for myself anyway, that if my ideas in my head are like pictures or analogies, the words come out like poetry. But if the ideas are formulated with technical accuracy, the pages end up looking as inspired as a procedure manual.
    Practice thinking in analogies or paintings or sculptures. …just a suggestion.

  5. My Dearest Joe, After reading these comments on your blog. I have something to say. In the first place Excuse is an elementary word spelled Excuse … I didn’t know what we posted was to be critiqued. I thought that we thought in reality. Reality is not always Poetry. Everything isn’t always beautiful. We as humans think in real time. Analogies, paintings, sculptures often do not depict reality. (Real Thoughts)

    Just a thought!!! MGB

  6. EXCUSE me for the typo. MGB: As to writing techniques: whatever works for you. It was just my experience. … and poetry isn’t necessarily pie-in-the-sky beautiful. But I do not apologize for encouraging words to a hopeful writer.

    Or “War”, or whatever you think is real and relevant…. argggh.

  7. Wow, MGB, where did that come from? A1 and I were just trying to encourage BEG. That’s all. I happen to think she has a gift, but in no way did I mean to imply to ANYONE that what they write in comment form here is to be critiqued. I apologize if I gave that impression.

    And believe me, I think in real time on this blog. Rarely do I plan out what I’m going to say…it just comes out and sometimes it comes out differently than I thought it would. And rarely is it poetry. Hell, even when I try to write poetry it comes out as something that would cause me to lose my poetic license (if I had one), use as an example the lame-ass “poem” that heads up this post.

    Anyway, please understand that (I can only speak for myself) the only intention of the “love fest” was to encourage BEG, that’s all. I encourage you and EVERYONE to leave comments here but please be respectful of other commenters.

  8. Didn’t mean to start a schoolyard fight.
    While I do appreciate everyones encouragement and suggestions, and I am always striving to be better than I am (those who know me are smirking right now) I am content to just follow Joe’s example and do what I think of as literary burping.
    Please forgive MGB (by proxy)s comments. She means no harm and is just being protective, which comes naturally to anyone in our clan. The last thing I want is for this blog to be about me.
    Now, let’s get back to Misplaced Boy’s blogging, and see what monkeys he has in store for us to enjoy.
    Your Extremely Passive Commenter,

  9. I want a sculpture of a monkey, please! Or maybe a nasty monkey poem. 🙂

    But I have to give MGB credit because she/he did have a point. I do take more effort in writing than if I were just to sit and type without editing. Thats just me being anal. I enjoy it and I do it first for myself, and secondly to make sure that what I write is exactly what I mean, so that people can understand what I am trying to say. Of course, its only because I often get misunderstood because my communication skills are so lacking.
    However, and this is critical for MGB and all readers here to know, I do NOT critique other commenters! Oh my, no. That is too much to think about.
    I wouldn’t have even especially taken note of BEG’s paragraph except that Joe brought it to attention. – SEE, Joe, its all YOUR fault!! 🙂

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