For those of you who are going to attempt to achieve the sheer deliciosity that is fried turkey for Thanksgiving, we at AMB Laboratories bring you these cautionary fails tales courtesy of the overflowing font of awesomeness that is YouTube:

This guy starts off like every know-it-all I’ve ever met, expounding on Archimedes Principle etc., and even after he nearly fries his dog, garage, face, and everything but the turkey, still can’t admit that he screwed up. “We are now frying a turkey.”

These next two aren’t as boneheadedly spectacular as the previous one, but they make the cut due to their very appropriate soundtracks:

This House Is On Fire – AC/DC

Rock of Ages (Pyromania) – Def Leppard

And finally for anyone who is interested in a set of videos demonstrating the proper and safe way to fry a turkey (boring) here’s some dude from the Food Network to show you how:

Happy Thanksgiving, and for those about to fry, we salute you.


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