From a great site that I just discovered, People of WalMart, here is a collection of mullets and tails that would make Billy Ray Cyrus wet his pants. The comments after the pictures are from the site, my comments are in italics.

VIVA LA MULLET: This could be one of the top 3 mullets of all time! Are you kidding me? It’s so short and businesslike in the front, and when you get around back there is a party that Hugh Hefner would be jealous of. Fantastic. (Virginia)

For any of you who are not aware of the Mullet Law it’s business in front, party in the back.

ANGRY BEAVER: Ummm……you look like a beaver! There is no joke accompanying this at all. Your big, weird, creepy hair makes you look like a beaver. (Unknown)

JOKES ON US: “Hey, PoWM, this is probably staged to get on your website!” – Well, if this guy grew that enchanting Ponytail for 11 years so he could one day squeeze into his tightest shirt, Lt. Dangle shorts and Goth boots for the purpose of taking a picture at Walmart and getting his 15 minutes of fame on our website…….then i guess he got one over on us. (Texas)

My question is, what does this guy need $5 movies for? His life has got to be more entertaining than anything in that bin.

SILVER LINING: Don’t just look at it, embrace it. It’s so beautiful, I just want to touch it so i can become a better person. (Arkansas)

And now, my favorite WalMullet of all time:

SKULLET AND CROSSBONES: The elusive thug-skullet……quite a rare appearance. Enjoy! (Nevada)

Oh, I will! Before I saw this look, I thought the mullet was out of my reach due to my male pattern baldness, but look at this splendor. You know what I’m going to do for 2010: Grow my hair in back and let my freak flag fly!

Party on fervent readers.


One thought on “People of WalMart – Bad Hair Day Edition

  1. I have seen remarkable styles or lack of while shopping at Walmart. Although, I must make the point that if I were to go out in public with less than acceptably polished appearance, it would be to Walmart.
    This is the place you go when you are buying crap and you don’t care if anyone in the place sees you buying crap. So if you look like crap, well its apropro, don’t you think?
    Of course, mullets and beaver hair are indicative that Walmart is where you live, breathe and have your existence.
    It is a human zoo where we all go to observe each other in subhuman conditions.

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