So…inspired by @EmandaSays on her blog post, I have dug out the ’25 things’ that I posted on Facebook back in February. Here it is with a few minor changes. Please to enjoy:

  1. I was a DJ for about a year in the late 70s, maybe you heard me late on Saturday nights on KFM 102 in Las Vegas.
  2. I’m fascinated by fire: I burn candles when I write, I like to have something else to stare at while I’m waiting for the Muse to tap me on the shoulder. I love to watch a fire in a fireplace, preferably a real one but gas will do in a pinch. My favorite way to die is spontaneous human combustion.
  3. I love cigars, but I’ve never smoked anything else.
  4. I agree with comic Dimitri Martin that you can make any sentence sound creepy by adding the word “ladies” at the end.
  5. I didn’t get married until I was 40, didn’t finish college until I was 45, didn’t have a child until I was 45, and now I’m 50 and single again……ladies. Ew, creepy.
  6. Whenever somebody cuts a cake and it’s not chocolate, I die a little.
  7. I have been diagnosed with three mental health issues: Depression, ADHD Inattentive Type, and…um…
  8. I’m a Christian, but I’m emerging from a long crisis of faith that began when my Dad died in 2000, although it was building up long before that. Back in the 90s I told a friend “I don’t agree with half the things I believe anymore.” I describe it as going into a big dark cave, and when I emerged I was in a different place from where I went in. I just don’t think I have all the answers anymore like I did when I was an evangelical fundamentalist.
  9. BTW I almost never LOL, OMG WTF?
  10. One time when I was in Canada, I got stuck in Toronto with no money. I had gone there on a round trip bus ride from Cambridge to get a passport. I miscalculated Canadian and US money, and when I got to the US Embassy I was short 30 cents of what I needed for the passport. So I had no choice but to ask people on the streets of Toronto for 30 cents. It took three times before somebody gave me exactly 30 cents. Since that day more than 20 years ago I have had more compassion for people who ask me for change.
  11. In spite of how awesome I am, I have surprisingly low self esteem.
  12. As you might have guessed from #3, I have never done illicit drugs.
  13. Most of you have probably figured this out, but Boodles is my favorite person in this and any other possible universes.
  14. I is a writer, but I am just now reclaiming the creativity that I lost back in that cave. I am the proud author of 1½ screenplays, but I’m done with that now. I want to write novels, children’s books, and a memoir about mental illness that is going to be freaking hilarious.
  15. Most of my family are conservative, but I’m a left coast, tree hugging, gun controlling, tax loving, Bush and Cheney hating, universal health care wanting, Obamaniac pinko commie lib.
  16. Like most red blooded males, when I young I was in a rock band. Since I don’t play anything I just sang and jiggled the occasional tambourine. To say that I was the weak link in this band would be beyond generous.
  17. I was born without the sports gene. Never had a whole lot of interest in playing or watching sports. I will watch the Super Bowl, sometimes the World Series, but I go crazy for the Olympics, I have to watch every millisecond.
  18. Van Morrison is the best male singer ever, Patsy Cline is the best female, Pixies is the best band followed very closely by U2.
  19. Dr. Seuss taught me to read. When I was little, we didn’t know anything about ADHD, but I couldn’t pay attention to the books, I always wanted to look at the pictures and my Dad would cover them with a piece of paper but that didn’t help much. Then my Mom ordered some Dr. Seuss books. They were so funny and bizarre that my kept my weird little brain interested. One of my bigger regrets is that I didn’t write him and thank him before he died.
  20. Like most men, I don’t like shopping. Oh, I can spend hours in a bookstore, but if you’re my girlfriend and you want to get me physically and mentally exhausted, take me into a clothing store. Five minutes and I’m looking for a place to take a nap. The exception to this would be if you were shopping for bikinis or lingerie.
  21. The older I get, the more sydlexic I gte.
  22. I like beer and red wine. I have never been three sheets to the wind, but on occasion I’ve been 1½ sheets.
  23. My degrees are in Social Work, and partly due to the aforementioned mental health issues I have been fired from every social work job I’ve had. (By the way, the third one is a mild case of Asperger Syndrome. You’ve been waiting a long time for that shoe to drop.)
  24. I started losing my hair when I was 19, just when I started to get some confidence around the opposite sex (Thanks, God!). Now it’s not a big deal because guys with perfectly good heads of hair shave it all off, but back in the 70s not so much.
  25. I’ve been on Facebook since June 2008. I was at one of the lowest points of my depression and a good friend invited me to join. I did and instantly old friends that I hadn’t been in communication with for years started popping up. That continues to happen and I have made lots of new friends here. I am still putting my life back together but I understand now more than ever that I am not alone. So to my family, my old friends, and my new friends, I raise a glass. OK, it’s actually a bottle of Diet Coke that’s almost flat, but you know what I mean.

I could (and will) say the same thing about my fervent readers here on AMB. I raise my glass of sweet tea to you.

Although I wish you would comment more…hintedy hint hint.


4 thoughts on “25 Incredibly Interesting Things About Incredibly Interesting Me

    • …and I have been worried UR2YY4M 🙂

      I guess I have learned useless acronyms that save absolute oodles of valuable time as I type and text, giving precious more seconds to catch up on important and newsworthy items like who’s Madonna dating and how much weight has Oprah REALLY gained?!

      AYBFF …(As Your Biggest Fan Forever)

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