So I just said good-bye to Boodles for the last time, the last time.

I can’t keep doing this. My baby needs me, she needs her daddy. And I need her. God make me stronger, open up a job and a place to live so that I can continue my recovery closer to my baby.

No more playing around, get a second job, get five jobs if you have to. Do what you have to do to get back to your daughter.

She’s such a trooper. She asked me tonight while I was tucking her in and saying good-bye why I was crying.

She’s such a trooper, she gets good grades, she’s even good at math (she’s in first grade). She was telling me what she was learning about matter, she’s six years old and she knows about freaking matter! And she’s got crazy skills on the hula hoop, I had no idea! She went for like 10 minutes non-stop today. She gets this intense look on her face while she’s doing it. It’s unreal. I can do like 1½ now but I told her that Daddy was going to learn how to hula hoop and we were going to do it together when I get back.

When I get back

WHEN I GET BACK and never leave you again my sweetie.

I promise.


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