So just a quick note to update all my fervent readers. I made it back to California and to Boodles for Halloween. We have already christened our costumes (mermaid for her, pirate for me, a witch for her mom) at a Halloween party last night at Tania and Boodle’s church.

Right now Boodles is cleaning her play area in the living room so I’m writing a quick note. I’m loving seeing her and spending time with her and giving her 93 million kisses. When she’s done with that we will carve a pumpkin and get ready to go plundering and pillaging (trick or treating).

I’ll write more about my observations from this trip when I get back to the South, but for now I’ll just say that I think God is drawing me towards a more positive place, and closer to him/herself. But for now, avast me hearties, be sure you have plenty of booty for us when we invade ye tonight.


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