Every once in a while somebody will put up a hashtag on Twitter that really takes off with great results. A couple days ago @introvertedwife put up #DullestHorrorMoviesEver which had everyone trying to outdo each other coming up with the titles for the least horrific horror flick.

Here are my entries and some of my favorites. The names link to the Twitter Profiles, if any of these are yours and you would like them removed, let me know and I’ll do so. My comments are in italics.

@MisplacedBoy: When Michael Tweets

@MisplacedBoy: Bride of Franklin Covey

@MisplacedBoy: Jack the Actuarial Intern

@MisplacedBoy: The Creature From Fox News

@MisplacedBoy: Invaders from M&M/Mars Candy

@MisplacedBoy: I Was a Teenage Teenager

@MisplacedBoy: The Brain That Wouldn’t Do Math

@MisplacedBoy: Castle of Blood and Gift Shop (Next Exit)

@MisplacedBoy: My Dinner of Andre

@MisplacedBoy: Satan’s School for Actuarial Accountants

@MisplacedBoy: The Man Who Wasted His Whole Night Because of #DullestHorrorMoviesEver

@heiditron3000: I Know What the Average High Temperature in Fresno Was Last Summer

@rkref: What with Your Summer Yoda Knows you Did

@AriVoukydis: I Neither Know, Nor Care, What You Did Last Summer. Just Serve Me My Latte And I’ll Be On My Way

@gypsy18: I Know What You Did After The PTA Meeting

@MisplacedBoy: I Did a Lot of Things Last Summer, Could You Be More Specific?

@TobyD81: I Know What You Did Last Summer Because You Put the Pictures All Over Facebook.

@nukedad: Children Of The Candy Corns

@kalamazu: Children of the Kettlecorn

@drunkenhousecat: Children Of The Cream Corn

@rococonouveau: Disney’s Re-Animator

@bsideremix: Nightmare on Sesame Street

@blankemon: The Blair Underwood Project

@jaketapper The Blair Warner Project

@MisplacedBoy: Blair Which Was a Character on The Facts of Life

@diablocody I Spit on Your Grape Nuts

@benschwartzy: The Amicable Horror

@WinkNudgeNudge: The Hannityville Horror

@LimePenguin: Drag Me To Wal-Mart

@sisterkaramazov: Barnraiser Obviously an Amish Horror Movie

@mpiaskoski: Night of the Living Dad

@chadfogland Night Of The Living Bill And Ted

@geoffparks: Night of the Living Alive

@TiredFairy: Dawn of the Slightly Cranky

@ac_money: Dr. Jekyll and David Hyde Pierce

@Skatingoksana: The Sixth Sense and Sensibilities

@MisplacedBoy: “Hello, I’m M. Night Shyamalan”

@spidergoodlegs: Texas Chainletter Massacre

@Fruvous: Texas Chainsaw Maintenance

@kevinpadams: Texas Teabag Organizer

@funwithiago: Texas 5th Grade Math Homework Massacre. “When two trains leave two places at different speeds, which ends in disaster?”

@theGoatandTater: Creature from the Blue Lagoon

@MisplacedBoy: Creature from Black Market|White House

@nukedad: A Clockwork Orange Julius

@JerryBFlory: The Hills Have Pies

@MisplacedBoy: The Hills is Still on TV

@puppymeat: The Hills Don’t Have Any Eyes, They’re Just Big Lumps Of Dirt That Can’t Hurt You

@civcils: The Island of Dr. Phil

@benschwartzy: It Takes a Village of the Damned

@drunkenhousecat: Go Ahead, Go In The Basement, Mr. Bigshot. See If I Care

@skippykawakami Phantom of the Community Theater

@MichaelsDaddy: Rosemary’s Puppy

@nukedad: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary’s Baby, & Thyme

@drunkenhousecat: Rosemary’s Baby Ruth

@madabip: The Exerciser

@masonry: Re-Animator: The Walt Disney, Jr. Story

@nukedad: Rear Windows 7

@LParh: The Bathtub Ring

@ranol: The Wicker Ottoman

@MisplacedBoy: The Wicker Basket

@ohiopoet: The Sticker Man

@chris_shinn: Saw VIII: The Return of Saw VII

@MisplacedBoy: Saw 6 Squirrels this Morning!

@ARDIEFUQUA: Drag Me To Dairy Queen

@jamesisanerd: Last House On The Prairie

@MisplacedBoy: The Last House Before the Onramp to the 405

@Hikeeba: The Last McMansion on the Left

@bored2tears: From Dusk Till Tony Orlando and Dawn

@crataegus: Billy Ray Cyrus: The Untold Story

@Gryffinator: Edward Sporkhands

@Hulk_Smash Pet Seminary There were quite a few of these, but I think this was the first.

@C_Sax: Pet Sedentary

@MisplacedBoy: Salem’s Christmas Tree Lot

@judgedewie: Stephen King’s I.T.

@MisplacedBoy: The Matte Finish #DullestHorrorMoviesEver Huh? Instead of ‘The Shining?’ OK, sorry.

@MisplacedBoy: The Day of the Andy Griffiths

@Idlittlesix7: The Fresh Prince of Darkness

@benschwartzy: The Haunting of Full House

@nukedad: Soylent Green Acres

@LuciusDillon: 13 Ghost Dads

@MisplacedBoy: OK, Stop Me if You’ve Heard This, 13 Ghosts Walk Into a Bar…

@bj_schwartz: Merchant Ivory’s Pride and Predator

@bj_schwartz: Alien vs. Powerpoint

@courtarms: Alien and Predator Decide to Set Aside Their Differences and Grab a Latte

@TobyD81: Attack of the Fried Green Tomatoes

@anamariecox: “Apt Pupil” #dullesthorrormoviesever Er, wait…


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