So, before I came out here, when I was still in California, I took Boodles out to look at the night sky. We picked a particularly bright star together and watched it blink off and on. I told her that anytime she missed me at night all she had to do was look up at that star, and every time it blinked that would be Daddy saying “I love you.” Every once in a while she will still ask me if I’ve seen “our star” lately? Now, to be honest, I couldn’t find the same star if my life depended on it, but it doesn’t matter. Any star will do. Satellites too.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Tonight there will be a meteor shower. SPACE.com says that the best time to view it will be 6am EST. I always wake up several times a night so I should be able to go out in the wee small hours tomorrow morning and say “I love you, my sweetie” several times. And pray. And wish. And hope that the day will come soon that I can go back to her.

We all hope for different things, but tonight, as my new Twitter friend Amanda says, “Let’s all wish on stars tonight together!”


One thought on “When you wish upon a star

  1. There is something particularly tender and sweet in a father-daughter relationship. I had it with my own father too. My mom and I are close, but my father can do no wrong. …oh yeah, he can do wrong, but when I look in his eyes that only see me with love, its all understandable and okay.
    Boodles will always see you that way, Joe.

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