Well, it’s kind of a briar patch, but I guess I’m going to jump in it anyway. Twitter today has been all…well, atwitter about the idea that today Monday, September 21, 2009 is the day that “The Rapture” will occur. It wasn’t a Trending Topic but a lot of the people that I follow were talking about it with various levels of sincerity.

To put it extremely simply, The Rapture is the time when all Christians will be taken to Heaven, effectively vanishing from the earth. This is widely believed by fundamentalist Christians although they disagree on whether The Rapture signals the beginning of the end times, tribulation, etc. or whether it occurs in the middle or the end of the end times.

One of the tweets gave a website which seems to be one of the main sources of the rumor. They lay out all kinds of reasons, news events, and biblical codes that spell out why today is the day. I’m not going to go into it; you can see it all and judge for yourself.

Yet another website has a Rapture Index that takes a scientific approach by assigning a number to 45 different indicators and derives a number that supposedly indicates how close we are to The Rapture. Today’s number is 163, the site points out that this is 2 points higher than yesterday but what is the actual number that will trigger The Rapture? The index doesn’t give that number but it does show that all time high was 182 points on September 24, 2001 (hmmm, did anything major happen in September 2001?) and the low was a mere 57 on December 12, 1993. I couldn’t find any indication of how long this index has been in operation. The takeaway from this site is that, no, today isn’t happening. The number has to be at least 183 and we’re 20 points shy of that. Try again tomorrow, kids.

The Bible doesn’t actually mention The Rapture by name. The term may come from the puritans. I remember hearing about, and being scared about, The Rapture since the late 60s. It was big in the 70s and 80s, maybe it still is but since I’m no longer a fundy I don’t really know, but if I had a nickel for every time somebody has said when The Rapture was going to occur – and were wrong – my money problems would be over.

All I know is this. If there is going to be a rapture, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. (Matthew 24:36 NIV)” If I’m living my life in an examined way before God, then if I die or The Rapture comes, then I’m OK. If not, then we’ll have to see what happens.

This is a very rough post; I’m not putting references in it or anything. I don’t have time because I want to post it today. If the big event doesn’t happen, or if it does and I’ve been lusting after Sprinkles too much and I get “Left Behind,” then I’ll clean it up.

See you in the clouds,



One thought on “Is Today the Day?

  1. If the sky were suddenly filled with barbie-shaped women with Angelina Jolie lips pursed, in various compromising and seductive poses, I could understand why some men might call it The Rapture!

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