So let’s be honest, I’m 51 years old. The last time I followed any new music was in the late 80s, and even then it was Pixies and they would be classified as “alternative.” Occasionally I will be station surfing in the car and hear something I like, but if there was a decent jazz station here that’s all I would listen to.* So the point is I’m out of touch when it comes to what “the kids” are listening to. Hell, until recently I thought Hannah Montana and Mylie Cyrus were two different people.

I haven’t watched MTV since long before they stopped playing music, but I do occasionally watch the Video Music Awards because sometimes outrageous happens, but I didn’t get off work until 10pm last night and forgot they were on. I was checking Twitter though and saw a lot of people talking about Kanye West and Taylor Swift, so I had to look around the Internets and find out what happened. So for any of my fervent readers who may need it, here it is:

Taylor Swift apparently won for ‘Best Female Video,’ I wasn’t aware that videos had a gender but, OK. Swift seemed surprised but went onstage to give her acceptance speech. Kanye West was also surprised because he, as The Superficial so aptly describes it, got sand in his vagina and proceeded to jump on stage, grab the mike out of Swift’s hand, and say that Beyoncé had “one of the best videos of all time.” The director of the show cut to Beyoncé who seemed beyond shocked that this was happening, saying “Oh my God.” West then shrugged and gave the mike back to Taylor Swift who just stood there stunned as the music came up and the show went to a commercial. Her big moment was ruined.

According to MTV, what wasn’t shown was West getting booed and then flipping off the audience. Swift was also reported to be crying backstage.

Now, before this happened I wouldn’t know Taylor Swift if she bit me. Kanye West on the other hand has a long history of bad behavior at this very event ** – usually in his own defense not someone else’s, so maybe he’s growing up a little. Once a promising artist, this little hissy fit puts him in danger of being known primarily for having a skanky girlfriend and no self-control. He’s on his way to Dennis Rodman territory.

I have to say that Beyoncé stepped up in a major way. Apparently the viewers or whoever votes for these things did agree that her video was great (and it is) and she won for ‘Video of the Year.’

Beyoncé spoke about what a thrill it was to win her first award as a teenager, and invited Swift to come onstage and finish her acceptance speech, which she very graciously did without mentioning West. Thankfully Kanye West was restrained and muzzled by that point because he didn’t yell “You lie!” at Miss Swift.

So why am I spending all this time on these celebs? Because the actions of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift make me feel better about people, they show me that even on an MTV non-event there are still people with grace and class in the world, and occasionally a couple of them get to make records and become famous.

Oh…and I guess Kanye West did apologize but I’ve already spent too much time thinking about his worthless ass. He’s on his own.

One more thing

Check this out:

* That’s not a slam on living in the South, the only decent jazz station in LA comes out of Long Beach and half of the time I can’t pick it up. And of course I’m talking about real jazz, not that Kenny G crap that you can find every freaking where.

** Also at the Hurricane Katrina benefit in 2005 where he said “George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Kind of agreed with him there.


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