So here we go again with the Babelfish poetry.

What we do is we take a reasonably well known poem or literature passage (I’m not all that literate, so I figure if I know it then it must be reasonably well known), translate it into a randomly chosen foreign language via Babelfish, then back into English. Then you send me comments with your guesses as to what the poem is and who wrote it.

This time I used Korean, the results are quite beautiful on their own and I think probably harder than previous ones I’ve done:


not travelling assuredly

what kind of experience which does not travel assuredly gladly to over there,
there is your eye their silence:
Will besiege me because being too nearly from the gesture
which you omits most, will go out, will touch and that is not possibility,

you was most slight sees, closes easily
with unclose writing going out fingers,
but the spring opens (to be skillful, to under mystery touching,)
her first time time,

you this in compliance with the petal always is opened
petal my oneself happening
and or you estranged closing me, is for and that in case,
i life will close suddenly quite beautifully means,
when like the thing and the heart of this flower imagines,
the eye attention which fall is deep in where;

We this world you are intense from the fact that is equal and fragility,
Huaihe woman anything which perceives a force:
Who structure should have compelled me to color of it nation,
the low of breathing with the production dead
which has respectively about you who

(are shut forever rises does not know
and opens; Silence go you whom understands
voice of the eye are deeper all roses)
anyone go round from only me and expense
even they are not and a small hand, like that there is not


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