I came across a great meme on Twitter tonight for anyone who is concerned about the inevitability of Death Panels under evil Obamacare. All of these posts come from Tweeter Victor Abrahamsen under the hashtag #howtosurviveadeathpanel:

  1. Gentlemen, dress for success: ill-fitting suits and loose collars just won’t do. Leave a good first impression!
  2. A basket of fresh mini muffins is always a crowd pleaser.
  3. Ladies, simplify, simplify, simplify. Save the heavy makeup for your next night out.
  4. A tabbed folder will help keep your paperwork organized. No dogears!
  5. No one wants a cold, wet handshake. Use a cocktail napkin and hold the glass in your left hand.
  6. Gentlemen, your cologne should never wear you. For the best impression, spray, delay, walk away.
  7. One word: Puppies!
  8. Ladies, ankles should cross when you’re seated. Good posture shows a confident attitude.
  9. Kids! Don’t forget: an apple a day keeps the Death Panel away!
  10. If you’re in New York, talk about the Yankees and Mets. In Boston? The Red Sox. In DC? Skip baseball altogether.

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