So here’s a political quiz I took on a website that I went to from Facebook. No big surprise on the “far-left” part I guess, but they call me a “social moderate” which means that I’m neither an Authoritarian or a Libertarian.

Anyway, I love this stuff (I’m such a geek). They supply some interesting maps based on the (admittedly non-scientific) results of their quiz.

They state that I “may repost up to two of these maps, but please retain the link back to this page.”

Oops, I’m reposting all the maps so I’d better give the link a few more times:
Political Spectrum Quiz
Political Spectrum Quiz
Political Spectrum Quiz

Anyway, here are the maps and stuff. Anything that isn’t in italics is copied from
Political Spectrum Quiz
Political Spectrum Quiz
Political Spectrum Quiz. (Maybe now they won’t Political Spectrum Quiz sue me.)

My Political Views
I am a far-left social moderate
Left: 8.3, Libertarian: 0.16

Political Spectrum Quiz

Thousands of people have taken our Political Spectrum Quiz, which places you on a grid according to your political leanings. We’ve gathered a lot of statistics from this quiz. What fun would it be if we didn’t create neat maps from the data?

Below are four US maps showing state-by-state comparisons reflecting the average scores on four different axes. One caveat to consider is that quiz-takers are self-selected and thus not a representative sample.

libertarian vs. authoritarian
Political Maps

Remember that I’m in the South right now.

This map is regenerated periodically. As of this writing, social authoritarians are found mostly in the South and in a few mountain states. The most socially libertarian states are found in the Pacific Northwest and New England. Please note, this map represents social policy, not economic! The next map tackles economic policy.

economic left vs. right
Political Maps

As of this writing, the South is the politically furthest right. The Pacific Northwest and several New England states are the furthest left. It’s interesting to see how much Maine diverges from some of its neighboring states. California is not is far to the left as some might expect.

neocon vs. non-interventionalist
Political Maps

This map shows a pattern that is becoming familiar. Neoconservatism is concentrated mostly in the South. Non-interventionalist states are scattered in the Northeast and along the West Coast.

liberal vs. conservative
Political Maps

The Southern and several Mountain states are the most culturally conservative, as well as Alaska. The liberal side of the culture war is unsurprisingly found in several Northeast states as well as on the West Coast. The Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and several Mountain states represent the political middle.

So that’s that. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, and please go to Political Spectrum Quiz.
I’m such a geek *sigh*
Political Spectrum Quiz

One thought on “Just call me Quiz Boy

  1. So I went to… whats that site again? oh yeah, Political Spectrum Quiz. I started to answer the questions but didn’t finish the quiz because I got the distinct impression that the questions were weighted to the left. Even a moderate conservative would look a bit pink in this light. They used loaded words like tyranny and evil to make the quiz taker cautious about agreeing to those statements. They also made other questions bland and ambiguous enough that those on both sides of the issue might agree to them.
    So my comment here about online quizzes is … meh.

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