…but I’m not sure. I mean, how can we know as long as you won’t produce a real birth certificate? Only that phony one from the state of Hawaii? Seriously, is Hawaii even a real state?


Well anyway, I thought it might be appropriate to celebrate the 48th birthday of our (maybe) president with a few birthday cards, most of which are stolen from HuffPo. Click the pictures to go to the links:

This one, of course, is from the birthers:


Now one from the true believers like myself who believe that Barack Obama hung the moon, walks on water, and is made of candy:


Here are a couple more from someecards, which looks like a cool e-card site:


Here’s one from the liberal media, it’s actually from last year but I’m sure it still applies. I mean, it’s not like the MSM is giving free air time to bats#!% crazy conspiracy theorists or anything:


And finally, one from the President’s biggest fan:


But seriously, Happy B-day Mr. Prez. You may not be perfect, but you’re a hell of an improvement over the last guy.



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mr. President…I think…

  1. I always suspected that Hawaii wasn’t really part of the USA. It doesn’t have that authentic American “feel” to it, and sometimes you just KNOW these things. The locals speak some foreign language that kinda sounds Englishy, but its quite incomprehensible. Even McDonalds sells spam for breakfast. – yeah, riiiiiight. And we are always cut out from the rest of the country’s best deals when its “not available in Hawaii or Alaska”. WHY IS THAT?? Why can’t they make the fricken deal available in Hawaii or Alaska? Is it because perhaps, they want to keep all the good stuff for their own citizens??? HMMM?
    But now I have piggy-backed off your rant to create one of my own, Joe… and what were we talking about again…Obama’s birthday? I think I’ve seen that crown before… on King Kamehameha’s head!

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