Rick 1So in my previous posts about WalMart I have neglected to mention that my first week at the store we had a robot there! Rick the Robot was there in the front of the store talking to kids and encouraging their parents to buy Coke. Apparently he’s a joint operation between WalMart and Coke. Well the spot where they set him up was just across the aisle from Produce, so he entertained us all day.

It was fun to watch. He was operated by a guy who sort of hid a few feet away, but where he could see who was passing by. That meant he was either hanging out in Produce or Bakery. He had a setup where he could speak into his microphone and the robot’s voice would come out all…um…robot like.

He was giving out stickers to the kids and I wanted to get one for Boodles so at the end of the day I went up to him and asked for a sticker for my daughter. After listening to “the man behind the curtain” all day I had observed that he liked to tell knock-knock jokes to the kids, so I told him one that Boodles likes:

“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Dwayne who?”
“Dwayne the bathtub, I’m dwowning.”

Rick liked it.

So I sent the sticker to Boodles and wrote her a letter telling her about the robot. Now for quite a while Boodles hasn’t wanted to talk to me on the phone – I explained in a previous post that it’s her way of handling me not being there – well my cell phone was down for a couple of days and I got an e-mail from Tania that Boodles was very anxious to talk to me. So when I got her on the phone the first thing out of her mouth wasn’t “Hello” or “Hi Daddy.” The first thing out of her mouth was, “Is the robot real?”

We had a very nice conversation about robots. I love talking to my sweetie about anything.

I also got a call from her on Sunday when I was at work. I called her back on my break, and she was very concerned that I still planned to come to California for Halloween to go trick or treating with her. I told her that I am still planning to be there.

Well, she wanted to discuss costumes. She informed me that she was going to be a mermaid this year. This is a bit of a change in plans since the last time we discussed the matter she wanted to be Tinker Bell. At that time I had asked her if she wanted Daddy to be Peter Pan, and she said no, she thought I should be a ghost.

I was OK with that since I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the whole green tights thing. I mean, I do have nice legs but…

So now that she’s going to be a mermaid, I asked her if she still wanted me to be a ghost and she said that she did. Then it hit her, “You could be a pirate!”

“Yeah,” I said, “because mermaids and pirates are both on the water.”

Much better. What boy doesn’t want to be a pirate?

Halloween is going to be a big deal for Boodles. While we were on the phone she started obsessing about Jack-O-Lanterns, wondering if we would be able to make one. I assured her that I would make sure that we had one.

It makes me feel good that she’s looking forward to seeing me and going trick or treating with me. I’m looking into flights now. Like Mr. Frost said, I have promises to keep.


One thought on “Of robots and pirates

  1. A heart-warming post, Joe! Make sure we get to see pics of you as a pirate. (still remaining incognito even on the intertubes).

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