OK fervent AMB readers, this is a relationship and we’re in this for better or worse. So I’m sad today. Not a danger to self or others, just sad.

Yesterday I found out that I do in fact have a job waiting for me at WeownyouMart when the remodel is done in a few weeks. I also found out that once I get this job I will get a raise of *drum roll please* 40 cents! That’s how much WeownyouMart thinks of the fine job I’ve been doing at the warehouse in 93 degree temperatures. 40 cents. Did you know that they don’t even put the ¢ symbol on the keyboards of new laptops anymore? That’s how useless it is in our economy. You have to go to ‘Insert Symbols’ and look it up along with Pounds and Yen in order to insert it into your blog post!

But, OK. I know I should just be happy to have a job, and I am. I swear I am. I’m just disappointed. And I know I should have expected it…this is WeownyouMart – the home of low prices at the expense of people like me.

So, that happened. Also three things happen tomorrow that I have extremely mixed feelings about:

  1. Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I’m 2500 miles away from my daughter. Also she graduated yesterday from Kindergarten and I couldn’t go because I work for WeownyouMart for $7 a freaking hour.
  2. Tomorrow is also my birthday. Now, my Mom and sister are going all out to make tomorrow a special day and apparently they have some surprises in store for my brother-in-law and I, but I won’t be with Boodles. I also wonder how many birthdays I’m going to have to go through before I get my f(@#ed up life back on track.
  3. Tomorrow is also the first day of summer. Summer and I go way back and, if I was putting our relationship on Facebook, I would have to say “It’s complicated.” On the one hand, summer means school is out and the pool is open and girls are in bikinis…and I have time to avoid going to the pool because I’m too shy and scared to go talk to the girls and, even if I did, they and the other boys would just make fun of me. So summer means sitting in my room, listening to the drone of the air conditioner, reading, Mom encouraging me to go play with kids my age, but instead going across the street to go play with kids much younger than me because they weren’t mean to me. Like I said, it’s complicated. (Sheesh! I hate that expression; I can’t believe I’m using it.)

So, there it is. And what do I really have to be sad about? I have a daughter who, in spite of the distance between us, still thinks I hung the moon. I have a family that loves me. I do have friends because somehow out of the loneliness of those summers as a kid I developed a twisted sense of humor that appeals to a few people.

Also, I’m not in Iran being beaten or shot at because I’m protesting a stolen election. I’m not in North Korea starving while my loser boy “Dear Leader” is eating lobster and writing operas.

So, now that I’ve gotten this out of my system I can quit being a whiny wuss puss and go back to being thankful for all the gifts I do have.



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